Science Sunday: Vezels als bron van koolhydraten

Vezels zijn hét hoofdingrediënt van ieder paardenrantsoen. Dat weten we allemaal, toch? Je weet dat vezels een cruciale rol spelen in de spijsvertering bij paarden, maar wat weet je eigenlijk over vezels als bron van koolhydraten (energie)? In deze Science Sunday leggen we je uit wat vezels en koolhydraten precies zijn, waarom een paard ze […]

Similar but different: Cavalor FiberForce & Cavalor FiberForce Gastro

Horses need fibre – it is the basis of healthy stomach and intestinal function. A healthy gastrointestinal tract is the first step to a healthy horse. At Cavalor, you will find several high-fibre products, including two well-known ones: FiberForce and FiberForce Gastro. But how do these two products differ? The information below will help you […]

All About Gastric Ulcers

Gastric ulcers don’t just occur in top sport horses; leisure horses and even foals can get them too. Actually, we can say that 60-90% of horses suffer from gastric ulcers. But with good management, a lot can be done to prevent and, if necessary, treat them. In this article we discuss equine gastric ulcers. What […]

Sensitive equine hooves

Your horse can only benefit from healthy hooves. After all, they bear his full weight, day and night. Sensitive hooves can be problematic, not to mention painful. Problems from sensitive hooves tend to come back often. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Every horse can suffer from sensitive, tender hooves. This […]

Gastro Aid

A combination of natural ingredients to protect the horse’s stomach lining against the irritation and formation of ulcers.

Gastro Aid Paste

A combination of natural ingredients to help the horse buffer against stomach acid.