Injuries always come unplanned.

Cavalor Arti repair

Revolutionary supplement to speed up the natural healing process of bone, joint and ligament injuries.


With targeted nutrition. The UC-II and ESM travel through the gut intact. Bioactive regions on the collegen bind with immune cells in the intestine. Immune reponses stimulates the production of T-cells. This gives an anti-inflammatory effect. The T-cells travel to the place of the injury releasing cytokines. The cytokines stimulate a.o. chondrocytes which results in cartilage formation. The result: reduction of joint inflammation and promotion of tissue repair.

Traditional nutrients that aid in healthy bone, joint and tendon health

Building blocks: Glucosamin, MSM, denatured collagen. Supportive nutritents: copper, zinc, manganese, vitamin C, vitamin K3

Powerful blend of essential oils that speed up the healing

Relieving, anti-inflammatory, stimulating circulation.

Innovative ingredients backed by science: collagen ≠ collagen

UC-II: native type II collagen triggering immune reaction. Egg shell membrane: (ESM): native collagen type I + unique matrix of glycosaminoglycans


Research behind Arti Repair

Knowledge as our first ingrediënt. As all our product, also Arti Repair, is supported by body of evidence. It contains UC-II: a patented undenatured type II collagen. Proven to be efficacious for healthy populations, found to improve joint comfort, mobility, and flexibility. Significantly better than glucosamine, chondroitin and placebo in osteoarthritis subjects.

Second unique ingrediënt: eggshell membrane. Various recent studies have shown the high effectiveness of the eggshell membrane intake on joint health, cartilage regeneration, skin/hair/nail health and appearance.

Product training Arti Repair by Cavalor product manager Elynn Thys

“The vet was really surprised to see her back after 45 days. He had not expected these results. Clinically, Mambo was completely back ok. Also, the ultrasound  showed abnormal improvement. The tendon had recovered much better than he had expected. We are both very satisfied with the result of Arti Repair and can start riding again.”

Ellen Roets

Dressage rider

“My horse has been diagnosed with a tear to his DDFT (tendon). I had him scanned when I started Arti Repair and when I finished the pail. He had healed enough to start increasing his workload. I am sure this product aided recovery and I was especially pleased it was so quick – my horse is 26 so he healed well. “

Liz Holland

Dressage, recreational rider

“Sometimes dreams come true… After a very serious stress fracture of the fetlock joint it seemed impossible to ever ride my favourite stallion again. We gave him all the time needed to recover and supported him nutritionally with Cavalor Arti Repair. We are ready to compete again now!”  

Jeroen de Winter



Small dose, big results

Give 45 gr / day for supportive use (max 90 gr / day)
Give for at least 6 weeks
As maintenance dose 30 gr / day (especially for horses prone to overload)

Did you know?

The bone development continues even after a horse is fully grown? Bone is broken down and rebuilt during the animal’s entire life. Normally, these are processes that you don’t even notice. However, the mechanisms depend on many factors like load, hormones, or cell availability. When bone breakdown and formation fall out of balance, bones become weaker and injuries can occur. The ratio of bone breakdown to bone formation is normally kept in balance. However, this process is influenced by load and subject to many  factors. Overload can translate into injury in all tissues. Cavalor Arti Repair provides support to joints, tendons, ligaments and bone tissue for the development of a strong and flexible musculoskeletal system.

Cavalor Arti Repair - the way to sound horses


Calcium carbonate, type II hydrolysed collagen /
methylsulfonylmethane / glucosamine / dried egg shell / native type II collagen (UC-II®) / Taraxacum officinale oil

When to use?

Formulated to speed up the natural healing process of bone, joint and ligament injuries.

Want to try Arti Repair?

You can! Just enter the details of the specific case you want to set-up a trial with Cavalor Arti Repair – via the request form below. We will send you a free bucket of Arti Repair. In return we ask you to share your experiences with us after 6-weeks of use. 

Only available for Cavalor distributors – terms and conditions applied

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