Arti Motion
Arti Motion
Helps maintain strong bones and supple joints
Contains collagen, MSM and glucosamine
For horses being introduced to work and for older horses that need extra support

Cavalor Arti Motion provides optimum support for healthy joints and tendons. It contains nutrients including collagen, methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), glucosamine, and chondroitin sulphate, all known for their positive effects on joints.

Cavalor Arti Motion helps maintain strong bones and keep joints supple in horses in growing horses, those just starting work, and older horses. It also suitable for sports horses.


Here, too, we pay a great deal of attention to the quality of our raw materials, and in the case of herbs it really does make a difference in terms of guaranteed concentration and effect. For example, the form of turmeric that we use contains 95% curcuminoids, the active ingredient.

It’s all in the mix− a sophisticated blend of herbal ingredients. The Cavalor Arti line features a special blend of herbs and essential oils, including Ananasus comosus, Curcuma longa, Boswellia serrata, Equisetum arvensis, Echinacea purpurea and Citrus aurantifolia.

More information about this product can be found in the product data sheet. You can download this data sheet by clicking on “specifications”

The ingredients in this blend have additive and synergistic effects that are scientifically proven by our researchers. This blend of herbs and essential oils ensures speedy effectiveness for joint recovery and reduces stiffness.

What our fans think about our products:

The solution for sensitive guts
I’d like to congratulate you on your Fiberforce feed. My horse was very ill and had lost a lot of weight. He’s also very prone to stomach ulcers, so I was looking for an easily digestible feed. I’ve been feeding my horse Cavalor Fiberforce for about a month now and it’s really helped him!
The solution for sensitive guts
Delicious products
Cavalor Mash & Mix is my horse’s favourite! I really like it too, because it can be fed wet and dry. It’s ideal for giving a quick warm feed after work.
Jannet Haakman
The ultimate cool-down
I’ve recently been treating my pony with Cavalor Muscle Cooler following intensive training. There’s no doubt that his muscles are less stiff than they used to be after a hard training session. Hot tendons and muscles return to normal body temperature much faster after using the Muscle Cooler.
The ultimate cool-down
Marlotte Kaldenberg
A massive difference
My mare is a Haflinger-Belgian Warmblood cross and she’s really wild, both to handle and to ride. She’s also half cold blood, so it’s really important that she doesn’t get too much protein. After trying out countless feeds from other brands, I decided on Pianissimo - and it really made a difference.
Charlotte De Beule
My shining star
My horse Skipje is now getting the Western Mix from Cavalor and he’s doing really well on it. He looks much fitter and healthier. It’s a very promising start. With Cavalor Star Shine, I can get him shining like a star even after an afternoon in the field! And Cavalor Dry Feet stops him from getting thrush if he does stand in the mud!
Tatja Van Donderen
It’s a great feed
Cavalor Tradition Apple really is a brilliant feed! My pony is always good and waits until I give her some. She is generally greedy and she especially likes the apple pieces. The feed has improved her appearance and her coat has a wonderful shine.
Suzanne Willemsen
The results are incredible!
I was looking for a feed for my 17-year-old mare who needs a low-sugar diet, as she is unable to metabolise the high sugar content of other horse feeds. That’s how I came upon Cavalor Fiberforce. My horse loves this mix and hasn’t had any excess muscle acidity since I started feeding it!
The results are incredible!
Natascha Rogmans
Dazzling white
If you have a grey horse, you need to spend the whole day before a competition washing him to make sure that he is as clean as possible! I’ve tried everything on him. Somebody gave me the perfect tip. Cavalor Bianco Wash! It seems expensive to buy but you only need a small amount so it lasts forever! And it really works!
Esther Breman
Individual nutrition needs
Endurix has made the biggest change in my horse, it has put on the lean muscle that I was trying for. My horses are able to meet their individual nutrition needs with Cavalor, which in turn allows me to make them the best athletes they can be.
Jamie McAllster
McAllister Eventing
Opening the feed is a treat!
Strucomix Senior is so palatable and smells so good I want to eat it! It is a treat just to open the bags in the feed room.
Leslie Terry
The best a horse can get.
My horse often suffers from thrush in the winter months. I bought Cavalor Dry Feet on recommendation and I could see a result after just one day. It works really well. Highly recommended! Cavalor Dry Feet is highly recommended if your horse often has soggy hooves!
Youtha Eysackers
It’s perfect for a laid-back leisure horse!
My horse has always been a bit lazy more power would be nice. Before I started giving her Cavalor Perfomix, I had to use a lot of leg but I still didn’t manage to get her going forwards. I noticed a big difference even after just a few days and half a scoop of the feed.
laid-back leisure horse
Charlotte De Beule
My 6-year-old mare always had problems in the second test at a competition. Since I’ve been giving her Cavalor An Energy Boost around half an hour before the second test, she hasn’t had any problem managing it. I no longer need to push her as much and I can ride her with very subtle aids.
Sabrina Koster

Do you have any questions about this product?

Want to learn more about nutrition, supplements or grooming your horse? Our nutritionists are always here for you. They are happy to think with you about the best solution for your horse based on your specific needs.

Your horse is an athlete, it only deserves the best products.

Strucomix Original
A delicious, superior, high-fibre herb blend for good condition (light work and maintenance)
Strucomix Senior
High-fibre/protein mix for good health and nutrition
Sport mix with fast-acting energy for explosive and powerful performance
Tradition Apple
Mix with apple slices for horses in light work and maintenance
Tradition Mix
Feed for horses in light work and maintenance
Tradition Pellet
Feed for horses in light work and maintenance
Protein balancer for good muscle tone
Bianco Spray
Deep-cleaning dry shampoo
Peak Performance
Supplement for improved condition and endurance in sport horses for better performance.
Cavalor RaceForce is a very palatable mix formulated to meet the demands of race and high performance horses.
Cavalor EnduroForce is a very palatable mix formulated to meet the demands of endurance and high performance horses.
Sportmash Recup
Probreed Mix
The right choice for pregnant and lactating mares and growing foals
Probreed Pellet
The right choice for pregnant and lactating mares and growing foals
Shine & Show
For a shiny coat
Start & Go Soft
First foal feed - weaning feed for steady, uninterrupted growth
Supplement for healthy bowel function
Action Mix
For horses in competitive sport.
Action Pellet
Sport pellets for horses in competitive sport
Sport feed for performance horses
Strucomash Beet
High-fibre mash for good bowel function
FiberForce Gastro
High-fiber feed ideal, for horses with sensitive stomachs
Fibre/protein mix for maintaining condition or slimming down
The power of fibre for healthy bowel function
Supplement to prevent sand accumulation in the stomach

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