In this sixth issue of Valor we’ll be discussing fibres. Inspiring stories of the wonderful world of fibre and the balance between forage and concentrates. Read all about it in this issue of Valor.

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This issue features:

Ask the expert
My horse spends the winter in the barn, but as soon as the weather is better he’s turned out all day. He’s prone to colic. How can I help my horse make the transition from barn to pasture?
Jay de Laat
Forage first
Good forage is fundamental for horses. It’s filling, it provides the body with needed amounts of vitamins and minerals, and it helps to prevent boredom.
Michel Ismalun
French course designer and manager of De La Houssaye Stables
Feeding with your eyes
I know my horses well, so I’ll see right away if there’s something wrong. It might be tiny signs: anything out of the ordinary can be a sign that a horse doesn’t feel well.
Johnny Pals
Show jumper and trainer at Black Horses
Fiber, fiber, fiber
Good equine health begins with a well-functioning gastrointestinal tract. For healthy digestion, a horse needs a daily intake of fibre. But what does fibre actually do? What is the relationship between fibre and the microbiome? And does every horse get enough fibre?
Dr Erica Reijerkerk
Veterinary surgeon and specialist in equine internal health
Truth or Myth ? 
A horse needs to be able to eat unlimited amounts of forage. What do you think? Truth or myth. Read the answer in this issue of Valor.
Science meets practice
For many years, the importance of forage and the fibre it contains has been emphasized. Forage is the foundation of every feed ration. In practice, it’s important to have a skilled eye. Horse owners use experience and knowledge to keep their horses in good condition. In addition, science yields new findings every day. What can we learn from this?
Peter Bollen
Nutritionist Cavalor

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