Thé summer musthaves for your horse

Summer is here! Although warm(er) weather is nice for us, is it also nice for your horse? Cavalor’s nutritionists share their tips – for dealing with hot weather and horses – with you in this blog. When the temperature falls outside your horse’s thermoneutral zone, extra support is needed to properly dissipate heat. In the […]

Skin as a mirror of health

The skin is in constant communication with all bodily systems. Problems on the inside are reflected on the outside. And while shampoos and grooming products can help take care of coats and skin, a real glow comes from within. In this article, read more about why real health comes from within. The role of nutrition and […]

How to treat horses with small wounds?

Does your horse have a small wound that needs treatment? If you stick to these 4 tips your horse will soon be back to its old happy self. 1. First cold water Small grazes or wounds on your horse’s rump? They can be bathed with cold potable water from the tap. You can also use […]

Whiter than white: washing your grey horse

Everyone loves greys. Especially when they look whiter than white – not always an easy achievement. And certainly not when they lie down on that one pile of poo in the stable, roll around in the grass, or work on a wet track. Greys get dirty quickly and they’re not easy to clean. Want to […]

Summer time, shampoo time

Make the difference with Cavalor shampoos! Time spent grooming each day fulfils a key role for both horse and rider. It’s real quality time. You can see the results straight away, but even more importantly, these times really strengthen the bond between you and your horse. Grooming products are much more than just a spot […]

Tips & Tricks for Healthy Hooves

Crumbly hooves, painful soles and dry feet are problems that many horses just ‘walk around’ with. The quality, shape and conformation of the hoof is largely something they are born with. How do you ensure that your horse’s hooves stay healthy? With the right stable management, a farrier who knows their job, and the right […]

The best tips for equine winter complaints

We often dream of a beautiful white winter. But the reality is that winter is mostly wet, cold, and dark. For horses, winter means lots of changes. They go from grass to hay, from pasture to stable. They often get less exercise and go through coat changes. Winter ailments lurk. In this blog, we share […]

Science Sunday: Ready, set? It’s winter!

The days are getting shorter and shorter, your horse’s coat is getting longer, and the temperature is falling fast: this must mean that winter is coming! And winter poses challenges for you as a horse owner. What is the best way to keep your horse warm? How to ensure good ventilation now that the horses […]

Sensitive equine hooves

Your horse can only benefit from healthy hooves. After all, they bear his full weight, day and night. Sensitive hooves can be problematic, not to mention painful. Problems from sensitive hooves tend to come back often. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Every horse can suffer from sensitive, tender hooves. This […]

The healthy hoof file

How diet determines hoof quality. Brittle, flaking hooves, painful soles, dry feet… conditions that many horses have to deal with. However, the solution to these issues is not always obvious. Since hoof health has a huge impact on the performance of your horse and their quality of life, treating hoof problems correctly is vital. But […]