Science Sunday: proteins as building blocks for the equine body

Proteins are the building blocks for the equine body, something that you probably already know. But how does this process work, exactly? What are proteins, and why are they so important for muscle building and muscle recovery? In this Science Sunday, we take a closer look at the topic of proteins. Just what is a […]

Science Sunday: Sport in Hot Temperatures

It’s summer! Most of us can enjoy the hot weather (as long as it doesn’t get too hot). Horses, however, have a thermoneutral zone different from that of humans, with ideal temperatures falling between -5 and +15 °C. Horses have more muscle mass to keep them warm, and less bare skin to cool them. In […]

The connection between sport and nutrition

Physical activity is important when it comes to optimum fitness. But good nutrition and rest are just as important. Without these, an athlete’s body can suffer from overwork. Sport and rest are inextricably linked. Did you know that you can optimise the effects of your training considerably with the right feed? Sport physiologist Wim van […]

Dit zijn de meest gestelde vragen over suiker bij paarden

Suiker is een veelbesproken onderwerp als het gaat om de voeding van paarden. Er zijn veel vragen en onduidelijkheden over hoeveel suiker paarden mogen hebben, welk voedsel rijk is aan suiker, en hoe suiker het metabolisme van het paard kan beïnvloeden. In dit artikel worden de meest gestelde vragen over suiker bij paarden beantwoord door […]

Is your horse getting enough vitamins and minerals?

The foundation of every horse’s feed ration is forage. Forage is not just a source of fiber – it also provides enough energy so that no additional concentrate feed is needed. More and more horse owners are reducing the quantity of concentrate feeds they feed their horses and relying on forage to deliver an adequate […]

The importance of balancers

Day in, day out, there are many different processes at work in the body. Red blood cells are being produced, cartilage is being transformed into bone tissue, new skin cells are being made, muscles are becoming stronger. The body therefore needs nutrients to help all these processes run smoothly. These are extracted from food and […]

How can I keep my PPID (Cushing’s) horse at a healthy weight?

Our Cavalor Consumer Line receives many questions about feed every day. The following question often arises: “My horse has Cushing’s disease (or PPID), so he’s extra sensitive to sugars. Nevertheless, he loses weight quickly. What can I feed my horse to keep him in good condition?” In this blog post, our nutritionists share their advice. […]

The immune system: everything you need to know

The body’s immune system is what protects it from germs, viruses, and bacteria. The stronger the immune system, the less likely the horse will fall ill. It’s also responsible for recovery after physical exertion. Although the immune system is invisible, it plays an important role in the horse’s well-being. The immune system is constantly working […]

Tips on strengthening your horse’s immune system

Now that we’re almost in the grip of icy cold weather, it’s important that your horse has a strong immune system. Winter’s decreased vitamin D absorption, cold temperatures, and less fresh forage all have an impact on your horse’s natural defenses. A little extra help is needed to keep those natural defenses strong. We have […]

How do you keep your older horse fit in winter?

There’s no denying it: winter has arrived. Did you know that the winter months can be a real challenge for older horses? Not only does their grass contain fewer nutrients, but they also need extra energy to keep warm in the cold weather. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the older horse in winter and offer a few […]