Always moving forward and seeking new ways to offer the highest quality nutritional products on the market. At Cavalor we are constantly challenging ourselves to stay on top of new scientific insights, and use our ever-increasing knowledge to continuously develop better products which allows us to always stay ahead of the curve.

With this goal in mind, we have optimized the Cavalor Harmony feed line. Our feeds will continue to provide the necessary energy and building blocks to support optimal performance and well-being of your horse but now with optimized formulas that offer even more benefits.

By adding high quality fiber sources, Tradition Mix now has 50% lower starch and sugar and higher fiber. Strucomix Original has been optimized to contain slightly more highly digestible grains. Both feeds are fortified with additives like pre-or probiotics, long fibers, and herbs for optimal gut health support. With these optimizations, our Harmony feeds provide ideal support for horses at maintenance or in light work.

Optimal health and harmony, from the inside to the outside, that’s what we strive for at Cavalor.


  • Optimized formula is now higher in fiber with added Fiber Blend Pellets.
  • Lower NSC.
  • More easily digestible puffed grains.
  • No oats and no corn.
  • Optimal gut health with long fibers and pre- and probiotics.
  • Unique herbal blend to stimulate natural immunity and respiratory health.
  • Palatable mix for picky eaters.
  • Ideal for horses at maintenance or in light work.
Crude Proteinmin 11%
Crude Fatmin 5.5%
Crude Fiber21% max
Sugar4% max
Starch13% max

Tradition Mix

  • Optimized formula with 50% less grain and 50% more fiber.
  • Optimal gut health support with more high-quality fibers, probiotics, and digestive enzymes.
  • Oat-free.
  • Now with less grains = 50% lower starch and sugars.
  • A good base feed for horses in maintenance or doing light work.
Crude Proteinmin 13%
Crude Fatmin 5.5%
Crude Fiber19% max
Sugar4.5% max
Starch14% max

What our community thinks

Equestrian sport is a team sport
Equestrian sport is a team effort. Horses and riders are important, but so are the teams behind the scenes. That also includes the nutritionists at Cavalor. It is important that they are there to help our horses, because when you want to achieve something, all the pieces of the puzzle have to fit together.
Raf Kooremans_web
Raf Kooremans
Kooremans Stables
A team of experts
With all of the things I manage as a trainer and business owner one less concern, especially where my horses nutrition is concerned, is invaluable. Knowing the horses have a team of experts on their side when it comes to their health is a great comfort and a great help!
Brittany Massey
BTH Equestrian
Nutrition partner on our team
We chose Cavalor because we were looking for the highest quality and healthiest option for our performance horses. With so many different horses, we have many different needs for each horse. Having Cavalor available to not only answer questions, but visit regularly to check up has been vital in perfecting our nutrition program.
Evie Moore
Evrmoore Stables
Keeps our animals in top shape
I own a boarding and lesson facility so it is important to have our animals in top shape and Cavalor helps us do this. All of the products we have tried work so well. From the feeds, to the horse shampoos, to the supplements like Gastro Aid), every product has exceeded expectations!
Ashley Templeton
Quality and doping-free
Cavalor makes good quality feeds and supplements and also gives good advice. It is nice to have a nutritional partner seeing that our horses can deliver optimum performance in competition. And not worry about doping substances.
Patrick van der Meer_web
Patrick van der Meer
De Hoeve Training Stables
Our horses deserve the best
Our horses work hard and deserve the best - we strive for excellence in all that we do and have always chosen quality - and we finally have a nutritional product that meets our high standards of care.
Leslie Terry
You are what you eat
What you eat is what you are. I really believe that, which is why I think it is important that my horses get the nutrition and care they need. I know that Cavalor's nutritionists are always ready and able to help.
Karin Donkers
Karin Donckers
Karin Donckers Eventing
The best nutrition available
Quite simply, it's the best nutrition available for sport horses. The horses love it, they eat it incredibly well, and its health and performance benefits are beyond obvious.
Will Coleman
Will Coleman Eventing
The right solution for every horse
Our priority is individual guidance for each horse. This includes nutrition tailored to their individual needs. Cavalor has a very wide range of high-quality products so we can always find the right solution for every horse.
Schouckens TC_web
Tom & Glenn Schoukens
Schoukens Training Center

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