High fiber feed very low in sugar and starch that is suitable for horses with stomach ulcers, gastrointestinal problems, insulin resistance and more.


Help keep your horse in tip-top condition with this high-fat liquid supplement.

Derma Spray

Fight bacteria with bacteria! Use to heal microflora imbalances of the skin (itching, abrasions, cuts, scratches, bacterial infections, etc.)

Derma Wash

A great choice for horses with skin problems or horses easily irritated by some shampoos.


A 100% natural formula that combines a variety of essential oils that work together to heal, soothe, and disinfect the pastern cavities.

Star Shine

A long-lasting conditioner that gives your horse a brilliant gloss and keeps the mane and tail tangle-free.


Ideal for competition horses needing lasting energy to perform long, aerobic exercises like dressage, eventing, and endurance riding.

Bianco Wash

A stain-removing horse shampoo that produces an illuminating shine.

Equi Wash

A mild, pH-balanced horse shampoo that cleans deep and produces a shine that you’ll love.


A soothing skin ointment that stimulates wound healing, reduces scarring and accelerates hair regrowth.