The ideal treat for horse owners who crave healthy snacks for their horses.


A unique combination of essential oils that helps support the body in tackling metabolic disorders that lead to the symptoms of laminitis.

Star Shine

A long-lasting conditioner that gives your horse a brilliant gloss and keeps the mane and tail tangle-free.

Mash & Mix

The perfect light meal, reward or treat after heavy work, during times of stress, or change in weather.

Hoof Aid Special

A fast acting, comprehensive hoof supplement to quickly improve hoof quality.


A unique blend of nourishing essential oils that penetrates deep into the hoof.


Healthy fruit flavored horse treats made from nutritious ingredients


A perfect coconut-vanilla flavored low sugar reward for your horse.

Bianco Wash

A stain-removing horse shampoo that produces an illuminating shine.

Bronchix Pulmo

A paste supplement that opens up the horse’s airways and supports pulmonary elasticity and resilience during high-intensity training and competition.