Oil that’s rich in fatty acids and vitamins for a natural health boost

Hepato Liq

Supplement that supports liver and joints

Derma Spray

Cleansing probiotic spray for horses with problem skin and coats


Supplement for healthy bowel function

How to treat horses with small wounds?

Does your horse have a small wound that needs treatment? If you stick to these 4 tips your horse will soon be back to its old happy self. 1. First cold water Small grazes or wounds on your horse’s rump? They can be bathed with cold potable water from the tap. You can also use […]

The healthy hoof file

How diet determines hoof quality. Brittle, flaking hooves, painful soles, dry feet… conditions that many horses have to deal with. However, the solution to these issues is not always obvious. Since hoof health has a huge impact on the performance of your horse and their quality of life, treating hoof problems correctly is vital. But […]

Derma Wash

Disinfectant shampoo, gentle on the skin. A versatile must-have for every stable!


100% natural balm that melts away mud fever like snow in sunshine