Care products that really make a difference: a comparison of 10 Cavalor products + tips for use  
Care products that really make a difference: a comparison of 10 Cavalor products + tips for use  
We all know that real health begins from the inside. A healthy diet tailored to the needs of your horse is the basis for good health. But that’s not where it ends. The right care products can make a real difference in equine health.

In this blog post, we’ll compare 10 popular Cavalor care products and give you tips on their use: 

  • Bianco Spray vs Bianco Wash 
  • PodoGuard vs PodoSens 
  • ProScent vs SwItch 
  • MudDoc vs Lurax  
  • Derma Wash vs Derma Spray 
Bianco Spray vs Bianco Wash 

Grey horses are beautiful – that is, when they’re clean. 😉 Fortunately, there is help to get your grey clean again. And of course you can also use these products on horses with different coloured coats.    

If you want to get your grey white again, Cavalor has two products that will do the job: Bianco Spray and Bianco Wash. 

About Bianco Spray:  

  • Spray-on dry shampoo, no water needed 
  • Removes the most stubborn stains  
  • Spray on, let sit a moment, remove with a dry cloth 
  • pH neutral  

In addition to Bianco Spray we have Bianco Wash, our concentrated shampoo.  

About Bianco Wash:  

  • Concentrated shampoo (read more below)  
  • Deep cleansing  
  • pH neutral  
  • For difficult stains and especially for white coats  
Concentrated shampoo with long-lasting effectiveness!   

Did you know that using concentrated shampoo requires much smaller amounts than of a normal shampoo? Concentrated shampoos contain less water (which you can add yourself!) and so a little goes a long way. And you won’t have to buy as much of it. That’s good for your wallet and better for the environment – because less packaging is used.  

PodoGuard vs PodoSens 

Horses stand with their whole weight on their hooves, day and night. Healthy hooves are therefore literally the foundation of a healthy, happy horse. A healthy diet, proper management, and good care are all essential for beautiful, elastic hooves.  

If you are looking for a nourishing hoof oil, Cavalor makes two, each with its own specific strength: PodoGuard and PodoSens. 

About PodoGuard:  

  • Nourishing oil, penetrates deep into the hoof 
  • Essential for daily care  
  • Ensures improved hoof quality, ideal for crumbling hooves  
  • Brings moisture balance back to the hoof  

In addition to PodoGuard, we also have PodoSens for horses with sensitive hooves.  

About PodoSens

  • Quick relief for sensitive hooves  
  • 100% natural, contains essential oils  
  • Promotes blood circulation, maintains hoof elasticity 
  • Stimulates hoof growth 
For daily use or as needed? 

Use PodoGuard daily to maintain good hoof condition or to speed up healing in crumbling or damaged hooves. PodoSens is not for daily care; use this hoof oil if your horse suffers from sensitive hooves. Apply PodoSens to the sole and/or coronet. PodoSens provides rapid relief and promotes long-term elasticity and hoof growth. 

ProScent vs SwItch 

Where there are insects, there’s itching. Flies, mosquitoes and other insects are attracted to the scent of your horse. Sweat makes that scent even more attractive to them. Horses are often sensitive to insects, leading to irritations, itching and sometimes even sweet itch. 

If you are looking for a product to protect your horse from insects and itching, check out Cavalor ProScent and SwItch.  

About ProScent

  • Natural coat spray 
  • Neutralises sweat odour 
  • Ideal for hacks 
  • Made with lemon eucalyptus, tea tree oil, and lavender 

In addition to ProScent, we use SwItch, our first aid spray against sweet itch.  

About SwItch

  • Specially developed for horses prone to sweet itch 
  • Quick itching relief 
  • Moisturises wounds and promotes healing 
  • For both preventive use and treatment 
Prevention against sweet itch 

Sweet itch is caused by midges called Culicoides robertii. These creatures like to bite around the horse’s mane and tail, depositing their saliva. Horses that are hypersensitive to the proteins in this saliva experience itching, which can be acute. These midges are mainly active at sunrise and sunset, and it is recommended that horses be stabled during these times. However, the midges can also be found in stables, so proper care is also important when the horse is already having symptoms, but also as a preventive measure. 

MudDoc versus Lurax 

Skin diseases are common equine maladies. Many minor skin conditions, including mud fever, sunburn, or small wounds, are easy to treat. The skin is a miraculous organ and consists of several layers, each with its own function.  

Are you looking for a topical product to treat mud fever or minor wounds? Then check out Cavalor Lurax Cream and Cavalor MudDoc.    

About Lurax

  • Soothing skin ointment, softens and heals 
  • Stimulates healing and minimises scarring 
  • Ideal for use on wounds 
  • Also for itching due to skin irritations or for sunburn pain 

In addition to Lurax there’s MudDoc, our powerhouse in combating mud fever. 

About MudDoc

  • Mud fever ointment, 100% natural formula 
  • Contains Aloe vera, lavender, eucalyptus, and tea tree oil 
  • Stimulates blood circulation  
  • Moisturising, keeps skin supple 
Good health comes from within 

Mud fever is a vile disease and almost every horse owner deals with it at some point. A weakened immune system can also make a horse susceptible to mud fever. Does your horse suffer from mud fever? Then he needs (temporarily) support to strengthen his immune system. Want to learn more about how to support your horse’s natural immunity? We wrote an article on it.

Derma Wash vs Derma Spray 

The horse’s body has a huge barrier against viruses: the skin. However, skin that is not in good condition or damaged can allow bacteria to penetrate. That’s why it is important to take good care of your horse’s skin. It is often said that a horse’s coat can be seen as a mirror to its health.    

If you are looking for an equine skin care product, Cavalor has two products for this purpose: Derma Wash and Derma Spray.  

About Derma Wash:  

  • Cleansing shampoo with chlorhexidine to help flaky skin, dull coat, or skin problems  
  • With conditioners for a soft coat  
  • pH neutral  
  • Also cleans leather, saddle pads, and horse rugs  

In addition to Derma Wash, our Derma Spray is a natural cleaning spray for skin, coat, mane, and tail.  

About Derma Spray:  

  • Cleansing spray for wounds, itching, irritations and skin problems  
  • Contains pre- and probiotics for healthy bacteria growth  
  • pH neutral  
  • Ideal for cleaning wounds  
The power of pre- and probiotics 

Like gut flora, skin flora are an important part of the body’s natural defences. The active pre- and probiotics in Cavalor Derma Spray strengthen and protect the skin’s army of beneficial bacteria to support its natural defences. For cleaning wounds or genitals, we recommend using Derma Spray. To avoid skin problems, we advise washing your horse with Derma Wash once a month (or after close contact with other horses).  

Want more insight into appropriate nutrition for your horse? is a fast, user-friendly online resource that will help you calculate the appropriate ration for your horse in no time. Prefer to contact us directly? Sure! You can reach us by mail at( or via our consumer hotline +32(0)9 220 25 25 .


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