Details make the difference

A minuscule difference – a few hundredths of a second – often means winning or losing in equestrian sport. The difference is in the details. As a top athlete, you are always striving for perfection. Both you and your horse, giving everything at the right moment. In this article, we delve deeper into the specific […]

The horse in a good condition

Het paard is een atleet. Om prestaties te leveren staat een goede conditie aan de basis. Op welk niveau jij en je paard ook presteren. Een paard dat zich fit voelt, presteert beter. In de Science Sunday’ van september vertellen we je alles over conditie en het verbeteren daarvan. Hoe fit een paard is wordt […]

A horse’s forage requirements

Forage forms the basis of a horse’s diet: it is the main source of fibre as well as a source of energy. But how much does your horse actually need? Is unlimited roughage all that a horse needs? And what about its nutritional value? In this article we discuss forage, and the concept of forage […]

Winter routines for (tomorrow’s) sport horses

No matter the season, horse owners are busy with their horse(s) year round. In this article, you will find various tips on winter routines for sport horses. We have divided these into: The young horse in training The sport horse in international competition   And a tip! The eve of a sporting career Winter is […]

How to keep your horse in shape through the winter months?

The days are shorter, the temperatures lower, and the weather is grey and wet. It’s winter again! Be honest: do you adapt your horse’s care to the seasons? Your winter stable routine should be different from your summer routine. For example, your horse probably spends much less time turned out than he does in the […]

Science Sunday: the power of oxygen

Oxygen is indispensable for the (equine) body; it is essential for providing the cells of the body with energy. Without oxygen, powerful muscles count for nothing. Never underestimate the power of oxygen! Limiting factor While in humans, the heart is the greatest bottleneck, horses have a different restriction: their respiratory system’s physical limitations mean that […]