Your Horse’s Tendons

We want the best for our horses. Every day, we work to give them the best care, the best training with lots of time for recovery and regeneration, and a balanced diet so that they can be “happy athletes”. Injuries? We do our best to prevent them. But, like any athletes, horses can get injured. […]

What is the right feed for your sport horse’s unique nutritional requirements?

Choosing the right feed for your sport horse can be a real challenge. Because what is the “right feed’ and how can you easily determine if it meets the needs of your specific horse? In this blog article we discuss the most important nutrients for your sport horse’s health and performance. A healthy horse starts with […]

Science Sunday: proteins as building blocks for the equine body

Proteins are the building blocks for the equine body, something that you probably already know. But how does this process work, exactly? What are proteins, and why are they so important for muscle building and muscle recovery? In this Science Sunday, we take a closer look at the topic of proteins. Just what is a […]

The connection between sport and nutrition

Physical activity is important when it comes to optimum fitness. But good nutrition and rest are just as important. Without these, an athlete’s body can suffer from overwork. Sport and rest are inextricably linked. Did you know that you can optimise the effects of your training considerably with the right feed? Sport physiologist Wim van […]

Is your horse getting enough vitamins and minerals?

The foundation of every horse’s feed ration is forage. Forage is not just a source of fibre – it also provides enough energy so that no additional concentrate feed is needed. More and more horse owners are reducing the quantity of concentrates they feed their horses and rely on forage to deliver an adequate supply […]

The importance of balancers

Day in, day out, there are many different processes at work in the body. Red blood cells are being produced, cartilage is being transformed into bone tissue, new skin cells are being made, muscles are becoming stronger. The body therefore needs nutrients to help all these processes run smoothly. These are extracted from food and […]

How can I keep my PPID (Cushing’s) horse at a healthy weight?

Our Cavalor Consumer Line receives many questions about feed every day. The following question often arises: “My horse has Cushing’s disease (or PPID), so he’s extra sensitive to sugars. Nevertheless, he loses weight quickly. What can I feed my horse to keep him in good condition?” In this blog post, our nutritionists share their advice. […]

What you should know about horses and sugar

All horses need sugar for general good health and performance. Sugar delivers energy that the muscles need to work properly. No sugar, no performance. For healthy horses, normal quantities of sugar present no problem. However, too much sugar is not good for anyone. Balance is key. In this blog article we’ll discuss this topic in […]

Science Sunday: Fibre as a source of carbohydrates

Fibre is an essential ingredient in a horse’s ration. That’s well-known. You know that fibre plays a crucial role in equine digestion, but what about fibre as a source of carbohydrates (energy)? In this Science Sunday, we discuss fibre and carbohydrates, why horses need them and which types of fibre are good sources of carbohydrates. […]

Start to Cavalor – everything you want to know about Cavalor feeds

Good health starts from the inside. Your horse’s health rests on a diet tailored to his needs. Cavalor’s focus is on good health, inside and out. Our products – feeds, supplements and care products – reflect a horse’s needs for every sport, life stage or special requirement. In this article, we will take you through […]