Different types of forage

The foundation of a healthy feed ration for every horse is forage. Examples of forage are grass, hay, lucerne, straw, haylage/silage, bran, maize, and beet pulp. These are products that have had no or only a single processing step. Want to know how much forage your horse needs? You can read more about it here […]

Feeding a pregnant mare

The foaling season still seems a long way off, but the winter months are just the right time to prepare your mare for the coming birth. The foal’s growth is slow at the beginning of gestation, and the mare gets adequate nutrients from her normal feed. However, in the final three months of pregnancy, the […]

Three essentials for building topline

A horse’s topline is shaped by the muscles along the withers, back, loin and croup. A well-developed topline is essential for long term health and performance of the equine athlete. Although the overall muscling can differ between horses, every healthy horse can develop a strong topline. The key elements are well-balanced nutrition in combination with […]

Now go win

I want a fit horse at the starting line. How can I offer my horse the maximum nutritional support? It has happened to all of us at some time: months of preparation for that really crucial competition and the day has finally arrived. The tack is clean and shiny, you have had a good night’s […]

Sport mare or broodmare? Ensure the right balance

Do sports and breeding go together? Many sport mares are used for breeding to pass on their genes, talents and qualities to their progeny. By embryo transplantation or by using the sport mare herself (once) as a broodmare. To return to competing afterwards. Both pregnancy and training demand a lot from horses, especially in combination. […]